Brewding Poetry

About Me

Two years ago I lost my mother in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.  Though I'm sure both an understatement and cliche, my life changed dramatically after this.  My mom always wanted me to write a poem for her, but I always thought this was silly.  I liked writing love poems to certain girls I had crushes on but that was the superficial depth of my poetry at the time.  When my mom died, my life became more serious, and so did my poetry--I think you will find this event in my life affecting a lot of my work, but not all of it.  I never got a chance to write a poem for my mom while she was alive--I took all of that for granted at the time, I think a lot of people do--but I'm still working on a truly great poem that serves as an Elegy to her.

My poetry may seem dark or heavy, but that's not its only attention.  I just want to remind people about their connections they can make with the rest of humanity (positive or negative), of the power they have inside as an individual, and the consequences we receive from our own actions.

 I'm a poet, producing my own poems online under the pseudonym Brewding, or, Mr. Brewding--I'm masked. I'm currently working on youtube spoken word performances as well, hoping to include some other facets of multimedia in the future.

I'm currently interested in poetry, spoken word performance, comic books, movies, and some video games when I have the free time (usually WoW).  My favorite author currently is Neil Gaiman and I think I've been inspired by every poet I've read, though the ones that stand out to me are T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Charles Bukowski, and Billy Collins.  

I'm currently studying at the University of Texas at Austin.  

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