Brewding Poetry

 This poem has been added to my new blog along with other poems.  It can be found here.



 I walk through the panels

Of comic books I grew up with

Before I realize

In front of my very eyes

I’m sliding passed

Fun house mirrors

Of the life I grew up in

                        And you tell me not to dream?


Look at Batman, look at Superman

They look at me

Though I assumed mockingly

So I turned my cheek away from D.C.

To marvel, to Wolverine

Soon after shredding

My dreams to smithereens

                        Would you fight for one?


Then I grew up

I read Huck Finn and

To Kill a Mockingbird

Learned the Bildungsroman philosophy

Read Steinbeck, and Bronte—

All except young Annie—

And even the father and daughter, Shelley

Where I got caught up in the supernatural

Melville’s muddled allegories


Then a comic book

Lay loosely open on my bedroom floor

Curiosity peaked of past dreams

So I glanced once more

                        Would you ever let them go?

I saw Batman and Superman

Who looked at me

And said I’m the man

They said follow my dreams

                        Never let it go


Look at me, I’m the one

Wearing the mask now, you see

So how delusional

Must I really be?

Don’t worry, if I don the cape

You can commit me to therapy

And if I become a vigilante

Asylum’s where I should be

Though I don’t fight crime on the streets

I’m here right now on your computer screens

My panels, my mirrors, my fantasy!

I choose to represent the hero

Inside of us fighting internally

Yes, it’s there, it’s in you

                        Next time you wake up

Believe me

                        To sunrise’s harlequin face

Believe yourself

                        Fluff a pillow

Stand up

                        Reality can wait

Look up

                        Settle back in  

Fight for your dreams

Just sleep in.  


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